Stronger Mums - We are Group X

Online Coaching for 40+ Mums

We help 40+ Mums finally make exercise & nutrition work around busy work schedules and demanding family commitments.

Stronger Mums

Don't just take our word for it... Check out what these Strong Mums have to say about the 'Stronger Mums' programme:

6 Month Role Model Programme:

2, 3 or 4 times weekly training

Daily habit-based nutrition coaching

Custom recipe books

Regular check-ins and monthly goal setting with our experienced coaches

Live Q&As

Structured programming

Accountability and support from the coaches

A sense of belonging to something - be part of a community of awesome people achieving amazing things!

Role Model Programme

6 Month's Coaching

8 Week Transformation

Finally get the results you deserve, and empower yourself to make life-long changes...

Group X Transformation will give you:

8 week intensive, impactful training period

Proven, follow-along exercise and nutrition plan

Daily habit-based nutrition coaching

Supportive and inclusive community 

Coaching every step of the way

Knowledge and mindset coaching empowering you to make life-long changes

8 Week Transformation

8 week course