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We have a great reputation for getting people real, sustaiable results


Great place

I signed up for the 6 week body transformation after having 3 years off any fitness and putting on a considerable amount of weight, Also not a fan of generic gym’s however this place has an amazing feel from the second you walk in, Every personal trainer are committed to helping you achieve your goals nothing is to much to ask and they are with you every step of the way. Thank you to Liam, Rollo, Lou and Dan for helping me find my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle again. Matthew


Professional and friendly service from Liam. Has helped a recurring back problem no end, and I’m now back on the pitch and banging in the goals!


Friendly and Inspiring!

I have been training with Louise for around 5 months now and I have seen very good results. She is very positive in her approach, friendly, inspiring and is very knowledgeable in her field. She is a great motivator and tailors fitness programmes to suit your specific needs. I wanted a boost to help me lose weight and tone up and I’m certainly on my way. Louise provided me with food guidelines that would help me fuel efficiently together with a different fitness programme each month that both challenged me and motivated me. She is a great source of support through regular emails and face to face meetings to check my progress and clear any concerns. I found it very easy to agree a fitness package with Louise that was both achievable, within my price range and would have longevity for myself. I would strongly recommend Louise as a Trainer for any level of fitness as she’s great at adapting to where you currently are and inspiring you.


Grinning from ear to ear!

Hi Liam.

Thankyou so much for today I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was exactly what I was hoping for. I’m feeling it now but still grinning from ear to ear.

Very much looking forward to our next session.

Take care


Swedish massage

Ive just had a Swedish massage with Alison, I’ve had a couple of massages before but Alison’s was amazing she put me at ease and made me comfortable. I had the whole body done which made me very relaxed and I know I’ll sleep better tonight.



After seeing a muscoskeletal specialist and enrolling the help of a Liam who specialises in back rehab. They put me to task to rebuild my back from the bottom up (literally!). It’s been nearly a year now and the progress and difference is remarkable! Don’t get me wrong, i’m still not 100% and I do have the odd twinge but I no longer have massive episodes that leave me unable to stand up straight or bed ridden.

Also, I don’t see chiropractors once a week, nor once a month, maybe not even once a quarter anymore. I also wake up pain free, I can sleep on both sides of my body and on my back comfortably. I can even stand up for long periods and go for walks without fear of the onset of pain! I’m now on the road to having a ‘normal’ back which, is something i never thought I’d have. I can go for long walks, I can even carry shopping without fear of a relapse/seemingly never-ending pain. It’s the small things hey?



Thank you Liam for my assessment today, it was so interesting.

I’m so pleased to finally get to the route of my problem. Can’t wait to get to work and look forward to unlocking my full potential in the gym!

I would highly recommend this to anyone.


Feeling Good!

Thanks Liam for your email and touch wood the back has been pretty good. I have stuck to the routine you gave me pretty religiously everyday and bar the odd time where I over do it I am feeling pretty good.

The roller is great and combined with the stretches I am feeling more flexible and pain free than I was before. I will certainly not stop now and always recommend you when I speak with others that are suffering.

Out of all the physios & chirpos I have seen over the years you are the only one who bothered to actually check my posture and look at obvious weaknesses.

I am very grateful for your help and will come back to yo in the future.



Thanks Liam!

I ran 9.5k yesterday in just over an hour so feeling very proud of myself, and I definitely see the benefit in the muscle work you have been doing with me.


I Would Definitely Recommend!

I started going to Liam to maintain and improve my fitness in order to return to playing football for England Cerebral Palsy Football Squad. Liam is a good listener; he is very knowledgeable and is a dedicated trainer. He sets a good example and is an inspiration for developing fitness and muscle tone.

Since starting with Liam I have returned back to football and can see the difference in my physical performance with strength now being at the core of my game. Liam uses a range of workouts with and without machines, which he adapts on a regular basis to suit my needs.

Fitness is a passion for Liam and it’s infectious. He is educated, smart and keeps up with the latest fitness and nutritional research. He uses his knowledge to craft an effective program for you. He pays attention to your goals, habits and physical attributes to devise a program that meets your needs.

Liam is a fantastic personal trainer who is passionate about his work. He pushes you to get the results you want and definitely knows his stuff. Without a doubt I would certainly recommend Liam as a personal trainer to anyone.

Liam N

Immediately impressed.

When I first met Liam for an assessment in January I was immediately impressed with the way that he listened to me and spent a great deal of time understanding what I wanted out of a personal trainer and where the problems lay. I am 69 and so it was never going to be easy to get me fit and find an appropriate programme that didn’t overstretch me but worked to my stengths.

Liam has succeeded where other trainers have failed and where I have usually given up after a couple of months I am still going strong with him and the change in me is nothing short of a miracle.

Six months ago I would never have believed that I could achieve what I am able to achieve now and I am even training to run the Minchinhampton 10K in March next year.

Liam is without doubt exceptional as a personal trainer. He ensures that you are pushed to your limit and not beyond, that you understand each exercise and know how to do it correctly and he makes it fun and interesting. There is always a new twist and each session is different.

I never thought that I would say that I liked exercise but I do now and I am enjoying the benefits of being more flexible and much fitter and losing weight.

Liam is the whole package! He works both physically and mentally with you and gives you really great advice about diet and lifestyle.

I would have no hesitation is recommending him to anyone who is interested in getting the best out of their body and improving the quality of their life.


A great personal trainer!

Liam is a great personal trainer and is brilliantly committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. Odette & I are both incredibly happy with the results that Liam has helped us to achieve both on the fitness side of things & nutrition. His guidance, patience, and supportive approach has worked brilliantly with our hectic lives, and we now actually enjoy going to the gym.

Hopefully when Liam reads this, he’ll agree we never, ever have to use the climbing machine ever again 🙂

Simon and Odette


Thanks very much Liam for all the guidance in our sessions. I’ve definitely got the most out of this over any other treatment option I’ve tried. Still early days but definitely feeling improvements already.


Thank You

Thanks Liam for taking the time the meet me and assess me, I was very impressed with the way you conducted yourself. It’s thanks to you that I am now on the road to recovery, so thank you very much for helping me start the journey to get better, I am so grateful to you.


Totally Stoked!!!

I’ve just been shopping in Cheltenham and I’ve bought a size 8 pair of jeans!!! Totally stoked 🙂 After losing another lb this week I am the smallest size in about 15 years. Yay! Thank you!!! 🙂


Thank you

Just had a great leg session with Doug. My quads got a real good pump and I know I will feel it in the morning. Doug did a great job of sorting my shoulder injury about a year ago and I haven’t had any pain ever since. The gains in my physique over the past year have been the best over the 4 years I have been training for competing in bodybuilding, thank you Doug and Liam.



Although I’ve been a regular gym user for many years, working with Liam has renewed my enthusiam! After a thorough assessment and discussion, he has provided me with varied and challenging programmes, which keep me motivated and focussed. I now feel that my time and energy is being put to best use and my training programme is fully effective. My strength and muscle tone have improved and I’ve picked up lots of tips on nutrition too.
Liam is a great chap with a relaxed style – don’t be deceived – you will work hard, but you’ll enjoy it too!



Milestone: Yesterday I cycled for one and a half hours without back pain. It’s the first time I’ve cycled more than 30 minutes since October last year when the same route required 3 back-stretching stops just to get the pain levels down so I could continue!

This is due mainly to the focus and quality of the work you’ve done with me and which I‘ve enjoyed ‘running with’.

Many thanks Liam,


Really happy with my physique!

Since meeting Liam he has totally transformed my physique! 12 months ago I was a couch potatoe who did no form of excercise what so ever, my diet was terrible and along with all that I suffered from shoulder pain. 12 months down the line I’m now an excerise fanatic, I’ve gone from being 14stone of blubber to 12 stone of lean muscle! Along with this Liam has given me a balanced workout, mobility and stretching exercises that have totally cured my shoulder pain!!!


Circuits hit the spot

I have a great time at Liam’s circuits classes. Each session is really balanced and Liam makes sure you get the most out of each station.


Too fat to exercise??

I started training with Liam in September last year when I really had really ballooned to a huge weight. I loathed going to the gym as I felt that I couldn’t ‘do’ exercise. Well 9 months on and 4 stone off I now exercise 4 times a week. I feel more confident and have lots more energy.

The results I have seen have been a result of Liam’s sessions which are always varied and challenging and the guidance about my diet and nutrition. Liam has supported me outside of the sessions by sending me information that helps me understand how to make good exercise and food choices and will always take time to help if you need it.

Here’s to the last four stone and thanks Liam, see you at the gym! 🙂


FINALLY cured my back pain

I had years of back pain, which acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths and a host of expensive gadgets all failed to cure. Six months with Liam and I can sleep through the night and sit without pain.

Liam tailored the sessions specifically to my needs, and the progression has been planned and gradual. I now have the core strength and stability I need for my back, but I’m continuing the sessions with the aim more on conditioning, knowing that Liam will ensure my technique or workout choice doesn’t risk injury.


Circuits are the best workout I’ve ever done

Have been going to Liam’s Circuits class for about 6-7 months now, and really have noticed the difference in fitness. When I miss a session, I really notice it for the rest of the week.
It may feel like an hour of hell, but Liam really makes you push yourself and all the effort is well worth it. Try it if you haven’t already!


Really happy!

Liam has really helped me get into shape, his workouts are are always really good fun and there is always a good reason for doing an exercise. As well as losing weight, my posture has also improved and my stamina has gone through the roof!


Made exercise more interesting

Before, my gym workouts were unstructured and boring. With an assessment and workout plan from Liam, I was able to both see and feel the benefits, and understanding what muscle group each exercise was working out really helped me keep going through the tough times!


Liam has been great, recommended

I first went to Liam last year for help with back pain, he gave me a full assessment and then a stretching plan, which helped greatly to relieve the pain, he then moved onto a plan geared towards my goal of competing in tough guy 2011, it was both fun and challenging keeping me interested and when i needed a little motivation Liam was always there. My goals have now changed again more towards strength training so i continue to work with Liam and the gains have been good!