Results! - We are Group X


After seeing a muscoskeletal specialist and enrolling the help of a Liam who specialises in back rehab. They put me to task to rebuild my back from the bottom up (literally!). It’s been nearly a year now and the progress and difference is remarkable! Don’t get me wrong, i’m still not 100% and I do have the odd twinge but I no longer have massive episodes that leave me unable to stand up straight or bed ridden.

Also, I don’t see chiropractors once a week, nor once a month, maybe not even once a quarter anymore. I also wake up pain free, I can sleep on both sides of my body and on my back comfortably. I can even stand up for long periods and go for walks without fear of the onset of pain! I’m now on the road to having a ‘normal’ back which, is something i never thought I’d have. I can go for long walks, I can even carry shopping without fear of a relapse/seemingly never-ending pain. It’s the small things hey?