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I Would Definitely Recommend!

I started going to Liam to maintain and improve my fitness in order to return to playing football for England Cerebral Palsy Football Squad. Liam is a good listener; he is very knowledgeable and is a dedicated trainer. He sets a good example and is an inspiration for developing fitness and muscle tone.

Since starting with Liam I have returned back to football and can see the difference in my physical performance with strength now being at the core of my game. Liam uses a range of workouts with and without machines, which he adapts on a regular basis to suit my needs.

Fitness is a passion for Liam and it’s infectious. He is educated, smart and keeps up with the latest fitness and nutritional research. He uses his knowledge to craft an effective program for you. He pays attention to your goals, habits and physical attributes to devise a program that meets your needs.

Liam is a fantastic personal trainer who is passionate about his work. He pushes you to get the results you want and definitely knows his stuff. Without a doubt I would certainly recommend Liam as a personal trainer to anyone.

Liam N