Pricing - We are Group X


A Client-Focused Health and Fitness Programme in Nailsworth - finally get the results you deserve...


The Premium Package will give you:

2, 3 or 4 times weekly training

Outdoor sessions and pilates included on top of weekly training!

Daily habit-based nutrition coaching

Custom recipe books

Regular check-ins and monthly goal setting with our experienced coaches

Bodyweight, measurements and body fat measured 

Structured programming

Small group numbers

A sense of belonging to something - be part of a community of awesome people achieving amazing things!

2 x Weekly Training

£119 per month

3 x Weekly Training

£149 per month

4 x Weekly Training

£173 per month

6 Week Transformation

Finally get the results you deserve, and empower yourself to make life-long changes...

Group X Transformation will give you:

6 week intensive, impactful training period

5 sessions a week

Proven, follow-along exercise and nutrition plan

Daily habit-based nutrition coaching

Supportive and inclusive community 

Coaching every step of the way

Knowledge and mindset coaching empowering you to make life-long changes

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